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Linyi QiChen Metal Products Co., Ltd.

Address:Industrial Zone of Jiulong Yongkang Zhejiang Province
Tel: 0579-87311733 
Fax: 0579-87311732
Branch Address: Kunming Road, Hedong District of Linyi City and Shenyang Road Interchange northwest of Shandong Province 001
Factory Mobile: 15858962225 Whatsapp(wechat):15858962225

Contact: Mo Manager
Factory Tel: 0539-5638196
Fax: 0539-5638993
Q Q: 491934185 
Website: //www.qichenjs.com


Company Profile
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Linyi Kai Chen Metal Products Co., Ltd. is located in Kunming, Shenyang Road and Linyi Road intersection northwest corner of the National Economic Development Zone No. 001, is a leading domestic manufacturer of color-coated, slitting, Kaiping, slitting, steel tile panels, metal composite plate, painted printing, plastic cover plate, interior facade, non-standard facade in one of the large steel processing, large-scale factory interior door material in-one plants. Baoshan Iron and Steel, Handan Iron and Steel, the United States , South Korea KCC KCC. Entered into a strategic partnership.

The company has 10 years of manufacturing experience, with a sound management system and production system.

Kai Chen Determined to do:
Significantly reduce costs, improve quality, allow customers to maximize the benefits.

Now we have:
1: Kaiping line 4:
Thickness 0.3MM-3.0MM width 150MM-1600MM length up 3-5M, can produce more than 7000 tons

2: Slitting line
Thickness 0.3MM-2.0MM width 300MM-1600MM, can produce more than 3,000 tons

3: 2400T-6000T press 8
Indoor and outdoor facade can be pressed, non-standard facade, thickness 0.2MM-1.0MM, with an annual capacity 5.8 million

4: East China's leading color coating production line, plastic cover production line

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